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Cathodic Protection Probes

The UCP1A contact probe is a lightweight and versatile instrument that provides a means of carrying out underwater cathodic protection potential measurements.

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All HPR subsea vehicles can utilise CaviBlaster technology ensuring quick and efficient cleaning services.

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The Cygnus FMD probe has an innovative and compact design which self-aligns, ensuring correct contact with the member, even when approached from an angle and can be easily deployed by ROV.

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Laser Scanning

The field-proven C-Gauge underwater measurement system offers sub-millimetric underwater measurements.

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Leak Detection

The market leading OceanSENSE subsea leak detection systems are field proven on hundreds of offshore jobs with very impressive detection rate of close to 100%. 

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Because the underwater environment is intrinsically inhospitable to humans, using remotely manipulated mechanical arms is a natural way to perform subsea work.

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TMS System

Large subsea valves and structures have not been inspected due to the tight access and egress which is too small for a large ROV to enter or allow a diver to attempt to enter.

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Ultrasonic Testing

Designed specifically for suitcase ROV system, the Cygnus probe can be easily attached onto our VideoRay, Outland and Falcon systems.

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