Xodus Studies Scottish Offshore Renewables Potential

Energy consultancy Xodus is to conduct a study which will investigate the integration of offshore renewables into localised energy systems around Scotland.

The five-month offshore generation energy systems study, commissioned by Crown Estate Scotland, began last month.

Xodus is partnering with Element Energy and Baldock Energy on the study, which will focus on two main areas – project landscaping and the value case.

Within project landscaping, Xodus will catalogue any potential new offshore generation energy system projects, in addition to projects already in development. This part of the study will also see Xodus investigate potential ways these projects could be supported.

The socio-economic impact of new or established offshore generation systems, such as community regeneration, economic growth will be studied as part of the value case.

Dr Adrian de Andres, principal consultant at Xodus who is leading the study, said: “Xodus is accelerating the energy transition and this project is a great example of integrating commercial and social aspects when considering development of future offshore renewables projects.

“In the context of the Scottish energy landscape, studies like these can help with the commercial case within pilot projects, enabling emerging energy projects to progress on the path towards commercialisation. Energy systems projects can also help reduce the dependence on diesel by some communities, providing a catalyst for the energy transition.

“This project is very exciting for us as it fits our multidisciplinary approach to project development, and it is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in the potential development of future pilot projects.”

Mark McKean, development manager at Crown Estate Scotland, said: “We are seeking to further understand the potential to communities across Scotland of utilising offshore renewable energy and the delivery of energy storage systems. This builds on previous work we have done to examine the different technological options available, and we hope the learnings we can gain from this project will help inform our thinking moving forward.”

Xodus recently set up a dedicated renewables advisory unit to support lenders, developers and the wider supply chain to identify and capitalise on renewable energy opportunities and mitigate against risk.

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