Vocus Delivers Coral Sea Cable System

Vocus has confirmed the successful completion of the Coral Sea Cable System connecting Sydney, Honiara and Port Moresby, and the Solomon Islands.

After final testing, the 4,700 km Coral Sea Cable and the 730 km Solomon Islands Domestic Network, were accepted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, a month earlier than planned.

At a special photo exhibition of the project at Parliament House, Group Managing Director and CEO of Vocus, Kevin Russell said the whole company took great pride in being involved in such an important project for Australia and its neighbours.

“Vocus is incredibly proud to partner with the Australian Government on a project that will have a transformative social and economic impact on the people of Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.”

“I’d like to offer our thanks to the Australian Government and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for entrusting Vocus with the responsibility to deliver this project on their behalf,” said Kevin Russell, Group managing director and CEO of Vocus.

“The two networks have been successfully tested, and, as of Friday last week, are now in the hands of their new owners – the Coral Sea Cable Company, with respect to the international network, and Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company, with respect to the Solomon Islands Domestic Network.”

“It’s a fantastic milestone and caps off almost two years of hard work by our world-class team of experts at Vocus, and the many stakeholders involved in the project,” Russell said.

The newly formed Coral Sea Cable Company will operate and maintain the Coral Sea Cable.

Both Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands majority-own the international cable and receive all revenue generated, and Solomon Islands owns its domestic cable and all revenue it generates.

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