Vocus Adds Hawaiki Cable Capacity to Its Network

Vocus has added substantial volume of Hawaiki cable capacity to its network, following an investment in network upgrades.

Mark Callander, chief executive of Vocus NZ and Wholesale and International Australia, said that the Hawaiki deal strengthens the company’s network and complements Vocus’ investment in its own cable systems. “Telco battle lines are being drawn at a network level. Our customers demand high-quality services with redundancy that ensures world-class connectivity.”

The Hawaiki cable links Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Hawaii and the US West Coast.

Investments like this greatly improve the quality of service that Australian and New Zealand customers will receive,” Callander added.

Callander explained that the Hawaiki deal joins a raft of New Zealand network investment, including the roll-out of next-gen optical hardware from Infinera on its Auckland to Hamilton route that allows 200Gbps per wavelength, Akamai capacity increased 400% with multiple 100G deployments into Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

A new diverse Christchurch core site established to host Content Distribution Network nodes and intercity backhaul, increase scale of Vocus Sydney POP, and upgrades to the Tauranga inter-city optical network, and new 100G UFB handovers.

Alongside these improvements, Vocus has seen an explosion of bandwidth at its Vocus Albany Datacentre. Callander says the bandwidth is almost solely due to hosting an Azure ExpressRoute at the Datacentre, and the company has boosted capacity to 800Gbps.

Businesses are demanding high performing cloud services and platforms, such as those provided by Azure, and these platforms require world-class networks and continual development and investment if you truly want to unleash their full potential. As a telco and network expert, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers get the best service and experience possible.”

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