US Coast Guard Opts for SRS FUSION ROVs

Strategic Robotic Systems (SRS) has been awarded a contract by the US Coast Guard to replace its existing compact ROV fleet with next generation SRS FUSION vehicles.

The vehicles will be used by the Coast Guard in a multitude of ways to support, augment and enhance their Statutory Mission responsibilities within the Department of Homeland Security.

The vehicles will be delivered to multiple sites throughout the United States.

This contract comes only 4 weeks after the US Navy committed to the FUSION system with a 5-year contract as the US Navy’s next generation EOD intervention vehicle.

SRS president, Jesse Rodocker, said: “We are honored to have been awarded this contract for the US Coast Guard, becoming their chosen provider of compact underwater vehicles to support their vital national security roles. This is the next chapter in the success of the FUSION system and SRS remain committed to providing the U.S. Coast Guard and all of our clients with the very latest in reliable, high-performance underwater vehicles.

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