US authorities investigating deadly falls from Gulf of Mexico platforms

Authorities in the US are investigating a fatality and a missing person case after workers fell from two separate platforms in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

On June 2, a worker died at a Chevron platform at the Green Canyon Block after falling 90feet through an “open hole” created inadvertently by two other workers who picked up the wrong hatch cover.

Days earlier on May 29th, another worker on a Renaissance Offshore installation fell 45 feet to the water’s surface through a displaced section of grating, which is being treated as a man overboard/ missing persons incident.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the US Coastguard have set up panels of inspectors and engineers to investigate.

They will interview operators, employees and witnesses, as well as carry out forensic testing, to review each case.

Reports with their findings will then be issued with outlining the causes and recommendations on how to strengthen existing safety measures.

BSEE Gulf of Mexico director Lars Herbst said: “The safety of workers must be of the utmost priority for offshore operators.

 “Both incidents last week involved workersfalling through platform decks to a lower elevation or to the water’s surface.

“We are issuing a safety alert to the industry with recommendations to reduce the likelihood of similar incidents in the future.”


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