Ultra Deep Solutions Lands Contract for DSCV Matisse

Ultra Deep Solutions (UDS) said it has signed a long-term contract with an undisclosed EPC player for the vessel Ultra Deep Matisse.

The Matisse is an DP3 diving support construction vessel (DSCV) will feature 300-meter rated 24 men twin bell saturation system, almost 30,000 m3 of helium storage and twin SPHL.

The Matisse is an MT 6027 design, and with 145 meters in length and a beam of 27 meters will be the largest ship in UDS fleet fit to accommodate up to 140 personnel.

The vessel will be equipped with 400t Huisman crane which can reach water depths of 5200 meters. In addition, the Ice C Class vessel will have 2,200 square meters of open deck space suitable for a well intervention tower and flex lay tower.

We at UDS would like to thank all involved in this large contract signing for the Matisse. It show’s once again the quality of vessels that Ultra Deep Solutions are building to bring to the market for our end clients.

“We at UDS will continue to build world class Diving Support Construction Vessels for the industry to improve efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness in major subsea projects. I thank our building teams around the world as they are the catalyst for steady growth ahead for UDS future,” said Shel Hutton, CEO.

The vessel will be delivered in Q2 2020 on a contract said to be between $50 million – $250 million.

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