Transocean Leader on its way to West of Shetland for Spirit Energy

Owners of high-spec rigs will "continue to test pricing". PIC: Transocean Leader
The Transocean Leader is heading to Spirit Energy and Hurricane's Greater Warwick Area for a drilling campaign.

After weeks of delays, the Transocean Leader rig is now heading to the Greater Warwick Area (GWA) west of Shetland for Spirit Energy.

It will be used for a three-well drilling campaign at the site to further prove the GWA’s potential, thought to hold up to two billion barrels of oil.

Work was due to begin in Q1 but this was pushed back for weeks due to delays in acquiring the rig, which was carrying out work for EnQuest at the Kraken field.

However, in an announcement today Spirit’s partner Hurricane Energy said the Transocean Leader is now on its way to the site.

Spirit Energy last year bought 50% of Hurricane’s Lincoln and Warwick licenses, which contain GWA, and agreed to cover the £139m cost of the drilling programme.

Hurricane and Spirit are working towards a final investment decision (FID) on the first phase of a full field development on the Greater Warwick Area by 2021.

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