Titan Wind Energy Snaps Up Ambau Foundations Plant

Chinese manufacturer Titan Wind Energy has ventured into the market for offshore wind turbine foundations with the acquisition of Ambau facility in Cuxhaven in Germany.

The takeover of the facility will be through the newly established Titan Wind Energy (Germany), a 100% subsidiary to Titan Wind Energy (Europe).

President of Titan Wind Energy (Europe), Michael Buus Nielsen, said: “Ambau has been playing an important role of supplying foundations for offshore wind turbines in the North Sea area and has an ideal location for the future demand within the offshore wind industry.

“With the experience from the facility in Cuxhaven and the many years of experience from tower production in Denmark, we will be able to utilize the synergies and know-how to create a strong set up for the future.”

The official takeover should take place in October, when Ambau in Cuxhaven finalizes its last customer obligations.

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