Three found guilty of killing North Sea oil worker

Tasmin Glass has been jailed for 10 years, for her involvement in the murder of Steven Donaldson.

At the High Court in Edinburgh on Thursday Lord Pentland sentenced the 20-year-old, who was found guilty of culpable homicide earlier this month.

Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson, both 24, were handed life sentences after being found guilty by a jury of murdering the 27-year-old Arbroath man.

Lord Pentland said that it was clear Glass had “instigated the attack on Mr Donaldson.”

He said: “You knew Dickie and Davidson had obtained weapons…your plan was for your two co-accused to set upon him so you could get him out of your life.

“Through your duplicity, Dickie and Davidson were able to take Mr Donaldson by surprise.”

Speaking on behalf of Tasmin Glass prior to the sentencing, Mark Stewart QC said: “She has been assessed as someone unlikely to offend in the future.”

Steven Donaldson’s battered and burned body was discovered next to his burned-out BMW at Loch of Kinnordy Nature Reserve on the morning of June 7 2018.

Detective chief inspector Andrew Patrick said Glass had “lured” Steven Donaldson to a meeting where Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson attacked him before driving him to the Angus nature reserve where they killed him.

DCI Patrick described how the pair used a baseball bat, a kitchen knife taken from Davidson’s house and third unidentified weapon – likely an axe or a spade – to carry out a “sustained” and “frenzied” attack.

They initially assaulted Mr Donaldson in Kirriemuir’s Peter Pan playpark through an open car window before taking him to the remote Kinnordy Estate where they delivered the fatal blows.

Glass had not physically assaulted Mr Donaldson, said DCI Patrick, but she was as culpable as Dickie and Davidson for the killing.

“The crime couldn’t have occurred without her facilitating and the other two having planned to get a weapon and physically start assaulting him,” he said.

Glass told the court she was pregnant with Mr Donaldson’s child. She was also described as being in a sexual relationship with Dickie.

DCI Patrick said it was likely the love triangle contributed to the ferocity of the killing.

“Some of the motivation behind this crime probably arises from the fact that Steven Dickie was in a relationship with Tasmin Glass and he was jealous and angry,” he said.

“You can clearly see there are some dynamics among it with Tasmin being pregnant, and she told us that Steven Donaldson was the father.

“If you were Steven Dickie, and you were involved in a relationship, then perhaps that is the motive.”

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