Tekmar Supplies Cable Protection for Fryslân Windpark

Tekmar Energy has been hired by Van Oord to provide Tekmar Cable Protection System (CPS) TekLink Mechanical Latch for Fryslân Windpark.

Windpark Fryslân is a 382MW near-shore wind farm comprising 89 wind turbines, located six kilometers off the Frisian coast in the Netherlands. Once constructed it is expected to power around 500,000 households in the region.

Tekmar Energy is providing 167 cable protection systems for the infield array cables, providing full protection from topside hang-offs through to burial into the seabed.

Russell Edmondson, managing director of Tekmar Energy said: “We are delighted that Tekmar has been selected for Windpark Fryslân. This continues our trusted relationship with Van Oord and furthers our position as the world market leader in offshore wind cable protection systems.”

The product will be produced in Tekmar Energy’s manufacturing facility in the North East of England.

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