Subsea Innovation Ready for Five LARS Deliveries

Subsea Innovation, part of Tekmar Group, is moving forward with preparation of five launch and recovery systems (LARS) planned to be dispatched to clients soon.

The projects are carried out by Subsea Innovation’s teams of engineers and technicians in its workshop in Darlington, UK.

The 40,000 sq ft facility offers three work bays, each 42 meters in length and up to 24 meters in width, sized for larger equipment and overhead craneage up to 50Te.

Dave Thompson, managing director of Subsea Innovation, said: “In a climate which has seen many smaller companies going out of business our services can be an absolute life saver for contractors using aging and/or unsupported kit.”

He continued: “Through being primarily an engineering design company, the company can re-engineer components enabling to re-purpose or add functionality, often cheaper than OEM’s. We are also often engaged in modifying customers equipment.”

“Subsea Innovation are a world leader in the supply of Launch & Recovery Systems, with all systems designed, constructed and tested according to DNV standards for a range of environments including deepwater and heavy weather.”

Subsea Innovation have delivered over 120 LARS since the company was founded.

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Craigmill, Pitcaple, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom, AB51 5HP
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