Skandi Africa Arrives in Aberdeen to Collect Ithaca Vorlich MWA

One of the largest subsea construction vessels in the world has arrived in Aberdeen on Thursday to collect the Ithaca Vorlich Mid Water Arch (MWA) project, fabricated by Global Energy Group’s South Fabrication Division.

The load out was the final chapter for the company, completing a nine month project consisting of a MWA, hold back structure, gravity base and several clump weights with an all in weight of circa 1,000 Te.

Also, this represents a milestone in the history of Aberdeen Harbour board with the Skandi Africa being the largest vessel to berth in Aberdeen at a length of 161 meters x 32 meters wide with a crane capacity of 900 Te.

South Fabrications, managing director, Dave Masson said: “We are delighted with the success of the project, which is a credit to the entire South Fabrication team here at the Nord Centre. We look forward to our continued involvement in the Vorlich development with the PAU (Pre-Assembled Units) currently ongoing for load out in early September followed by the next phase due to start imminently consisting of a manifold weighing 120Te and a riser base weighing 65Te for load out in Q1 2020.”

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Craigmill, Pitcaple, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom, AB51 5HP
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