Shell Taps Magma to Qualify Cryogenic Flexible for LNG

Magma Global has signed a contract with Shell to develop and qualify a flexible single polymer composite (SPC) pipe for cryogenic applications of down to -196oC.

Magma was selected for its high precision laser manufacturing capability and experience in development and qualification of composite pipe for hydrocarbon service.

The cryogenic flexible will suit a number of applications including Shell’s flagship low cost jettyless LNG offloading system.

The pipe will be made from a single polymer composite. Long, unidirectional fibres are combined in a matrix of the same polymer to produce a tape which delivers high strength while maintaining all the benefits of the polymer. The tape is then fused together in layers using lasers within Magma’s precision manufacturing process resulting in a continuous long length of spoolable pipe with excellent cryogenic properties.

Martin Jones, CEO, Magma Global, said: “LNG is being embraced by energy operators but facilitating the growth has its challenges. This exciting development uses a very low cost polymer composite to produce a pipe with exceptional cryogenic performance which makes it highly attractive in the LNG market and in many other applications where simplification and cost reduction are the focus. We are delighted to be working with Shell to enable LNG to meet fast-growing global demand.”

Arjan Maijenburg, Engineering Manager LNG Regas, said: “Development of jettyless concepts for low cost LNG transfer will open up new markets for LNG import. This composite pipe development is a key step in enabling these solutions. We look forward to working with Magma, a world class thermoplastic composite pipe supplier to develop this product. An overall cost reduction of 30% can be achieved by moving away from a jetty/trestle-based solution with breakwater to a jettyless system without breakwater and using subsea cryogenic composite pipelines.”

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