Shell AGM targeted by environmental campaigners

Ben van Beurden
Ben van Beurden

Shell’s AGM in the Netherlands was targeted by environmental campaigners yesterday calling on energy firms to “shut down fossil power” and reduce their carbon emissions.

There was a protest outside the venue, while inside Shell’s bosses were told the firm’s activities were contributing to global warming.

Chief executive Ben van Beurden told shareholders the company’s strategic ambitions were to “deliver a world-class investment case, to thrive in the energy transition and to maintain a strong societal licence to operate”.

He added: “Many of you are already aware of our recent commitment to set short-term targets to reduce the net carbon footprint of the energy products we sell. Many of you know about the intensity targets we now have for methane emissions.

“These are examples of your company showing leadership, behaving as a responsible company and acting to adapt to changing customer needs as the global energy transition unfolds towards a lower-carbon future.”

AGM voting saw about 10% of shareholder votes opposing Shell’s remuneration report. Pay deals for 2018 included a £17.8 million package for Mr van Beurden.

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