Serica Energy 'first' firm to adopt digital North Sea safety on Bruce asset

Serica Energy has become the “first” firm to digitise offshore safety in the North Sea after signing an agreement to implement the technology on its Bruce asset.

The deal will see the company roll out the Restrata Platform, designed to offer “real-time monitoring” of people and assets across its portfolio.

Recently dubbed “one of the largest independent operators in the North Sea”, by its chief executive, Serica Energy last year averaged net production top 30,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day.

Serica Energy has become the first operator to digitise safety in the North Sea after signing a deal to adopt the Restrata Platform – a piece of cutting edge technology which provides real-time monitoring of people and assets around the world.

Restrata, a technology and services company focused on security, safety and emergency response solutions, said it has developed the Restrata Software Platform to “enhance personnel safety and wider operations”.

It has provided emergency response support to Serica Energy over the past year.

Mr Flegg said: “Paramount in all that we do is Serica’s respect for the safety and wellbeing of our crew when they are offshore, so we are delighted to harness the positive power of the new technology in the Restrata Platform product to further enhance the efficiency of our safety in operation.

“Our team will work with Restrata to commence the roll out of the technology and integrate our operating procedures, specific to Bruce.

“This collaboration is absolutely in step with Serica’s vision of using technology to help our team to work smarter, and be safer.”

Serica completed a deal to buy an operating stake in the Bruce, Keith and Rhum (BKR) assets from BP last year.

It currently has a 60-strong workforce at its new office in Aberdeen.

Restrata has offices in London, Aberdeen and Dubai, and operates in more than 30 countries.

Restrata CEO Botan Osman added: “The North Sea was the birthplace of a new era of safety standards, and we now want to make it the leader of digital safety.

“The Restrata Platform will enable the Serica Energy team to quickly access real time information about their personnel on board, as well as its assets, assuring their safety and providing operational efficiencies.”

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