Scales to Lead Atteris Technology Business Function

Subsea and pipelines engineering consultancy Atteris has nominated Principal Engineer Dr Derek Scales to lead its newly formed Technology Business Function.

This function as been formed within Atteris to provide engineering and management services utilising new and disruptive technologies.

The Technology Business Function is premised on three principles; drive accuracy, enhance capability, and improve efficiency. Scales and his team of engineers and computer scientists will focus on unsettling the traditional engineering and management workflows, providing insight using big data, and leverage automation and cloud technologies.

Dr Derek Scales has been with Atteris for eight years. In that period, he has worked on a wide range of engineering projects and software development. Prior to that, Derek completed his PhD in Computational Mechanics at the University of Durham in England and worked as a Research Associate at the University of Western Australia.

“I am thrilled about the formalisation of the Technology Business Function within Atteris. Atteris has always been known as an innovator, and the passion of its staff in developing new and ingenious solutions is something that I have loved since joining Atteris,” Scales said.

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