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PGS has reached an agreement with Perupetro to create a new ‘MegaSurvey’ in Peru.

This large-scale merged and matched dataset targeting the extensive coastline of Peru should provide an opportunity to evaluate prospectivity on a regional basis.

The PGS Peru MegaSurvey comprises 21 000 sq. km of 3D seismic.

This data will be matched and merged, together with approximately 23 000 km of 2D data.

The resultant dataset will be converted into depth from a seismic-horizon-constrained velocity model that extends through five different basins, from the prolific Talara basin in the north to the frontier basins in the extreme south.

The PGS Peru MegaSurvey covers both existing discoveries and licensing opportunities in open blocks. It can be used to pick prospects or to evaluate the successes and failures so far across the entire region.

A first merged product from the PGS Peru MegaSurvey should be available from Q1, 2020.

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