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Our industry’s contribution is needed now more than ever.

Global energy demand continues to intensify and by 2035 will have grown by 30%.

At the same time, we all want to minimise any negative impact our activities may have on the world around us.

The UK has an opportunity to be an energy world leader, with an oil and gas industry that can deliver secure and affordable energy from domestic resources and support the transition towards a diverse, lower carbon footprint.

Our vision for the future, Vision 2035, can be a key contributor to how the UK tackles the energy challenge – one of the biggest issues of our time.

Today, our industry supports over 280,000 jobs, provides secure energy supply which fuels our homes and our cars, and contributes billions of pounds to the economy that also helps to fund our public services through tax revenues.

Our world class supply chain, anchored in the UK, exports across the world and is renowned for its skills and experience.

Delivery of the vision will mean that by 2035, our industry continues to provide secure, affordable energy, as part of a low carbon economy, powered by our talented people.

Vision 2035 is industry’s shared ambition to extend the productive life of the UK Continental Shelf by at least a generation and double supply chain business opportunities at home, across the world, and into other sectors.

Altogether, this could help us deliver a gigantic £920 billion for the UK, between now and 2035. With UK government figures showing that oil and gas will be a necessary source of energy in 2035 and beyond, it will also help ensure that as much of the UK’s demand as possible is met by domestic supply, providing a lower carbon footprint than imports.

It will support and create diverse, exciting and fulfilling jobs for many years to come and help companies across the supply chain realise opportunities that accelerate growth and help us grow our global share of the energy services

However, we will only achieve our vision if we also understand what’s required of us as individuals and as companies. Getting to Vision 2035 will need everyone to play their part and to contribute their ideas and personal energy. It’s why we want to start an exciting conversation about our future, what it could look like and how we can all help to make it happen.

To do this, together with organisations across the industry, we’re aiming to engage thousands of individuals and companies in a conversation about how we will get to Vision 2035.

We need you to tell us what you think should be happening as well as what is already under way to make our vision possible.

We will take the feedback and ideas we receive and use them to shape the development of an industry-wide roadmap for the future.

By working together, we can harness the energy and ingenuity of our people to find the solutions needed to deliver secure, affordable energy, as part of a low carbon economy, powered by talented people. We look forward to working with you to deliver our Vision and our future

Join the conversation @ www.energyvision2035.com

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