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ROVOP has recently joined the ORCA (Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets) Hub offshore robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems development programme.

The ORCA Hub is a consortium of five universities – Heriot-Watt University, University of Edinburgh, University of Liverpool, University of Oxford and Imperial College London – that are working together to develop highly specialised robotics and AI technologies for the inspection, repair, maintenance and certification of offshore energy platforms and assets.

The partnership will see ROVOP support the research the ORCA Hub is carrying out in the subsea domain. This will include the sharing of knowledge, information and expertise in subsea operations, the use of equipment and facilities for trialling ORCA Hub research in operational environments, and the collaborative development of research projects.

Engagement between the ORCA Hub academic partners and industry organisations is vital to the success of the research programme. The operational expertise and know-how of organisations working offshore combined with the world-leading research being carried out within the ORCA Hub will accelerate the development and adoption of robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems offshore.

The ORCA Hub model relies on industry working with university partners to shape, mould and direct the research so that it provides the foundations for new and ground-breaking technology in the offshore industry to be built on.

Speaking of the new partnership, ORCA Hub manager, Dr Lindsay Wilson, said, “We are delighted to welcome ROVOP to the ORCA family. Research in the subsea environment is a key area for the ORCA Hub that will benefit greatly from the operational insights ROVOP will provide. The collaboration will help us develop our research for the benefit of all parties involved, including the subsea community as a whole.”

ROVOP’s Head of Technology, Lee Wilson, said of the partnership, “We look forward to working with ORCA and contributing to a world-leading robotics research programme that truly aims to move the needle in our industry. The partnership will also contribute to advancing ROVOP’s subsea robotics capabilities so that we can continue to support customers with the most appropriate technology for their operations.”

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