OHT Wins Dogger Bank Foundations Work

OHT has been selected as preferred supplier for the foundation installation at the world’s largest offshore wind farm Dogger Bank.

Under the agreement, OHT’s new build vessel Alfa Lift will carry out the transport and installation of monopile foundations and transition pieces for the Creyke Beck A and B wind farms.

Utilising a single vessel, the foundations will be transported to the offshore site, approximately 130 kilometers off the north-east coast of England, and installed in water depths of up to 35 meters.

The Alfa Lift heavy installation crane vessel will carry 10 monopiles and transition pieces on deck per voyage.

The monopiles will be among the largest ever installed.

OHT’s Alfa Lift vessel, of Ulstein design, will arrive to market in 2021.

Transport and installation of monopiles and transition pieces is expected to be performed between 2022 and 2024.

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