OGIC and Aberdeen University team up on £1.3million of new drilling technologies

The Oil and Gas Innnovation Centre (OGIC) has joined forces with Aberdeen University to develop £1.3million of new offshore drilling technologies.

The pair are working with five North Sea firms on projects including creating a new drill-bit made of polycrystalline diamond to cut through harder rock and artificial intelligence software to assess well integrity.

OGIC has committed £640,000 to the seven projects, with the work being carried out with the university’s Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR).

CADR is working Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research Ltd (VBPR), Welltec, READ Cased Hole, RotoJar and Varel on the developments.

OGIC said the work will help maximise economic recovery from the UK sector.

CEO Ian Phillips added: “At OGIC we support a wide range of projects developing near-to-market oil and gas technology.

“These projects are excellent examples of the opportunities which exist in just one area of oil and gas operations to enhance production operations.”

It comes as the CADR team has been recognised by Aberdeen University with an award for its success in engaging with the industry and innovative research.

Professor Marian Wiercigroch, Director of CADR said: “OGIC projects are short and focussed on delivery, are all about the team effort and without exceptional project organisational and technical skills of all members of the team, in particular of Drs Vahid Vaziri and Marcin Kapitaniak, the quality and efficiency which was praised by OGIC would not be possible.”

Liz Rattray, Aberdeen university’s director of research and innovation, added: “The University has long been at the forefront of research aimed at supporting the oil and gas sector, and the CADR is in the vanguard of activities leading to the development of pioneering technical solutions that will benefit industry.

“These projects are testament to our ongoing commitment to industrial engagement, as well as to the quality of our world-class research teams here at the University of Aberdeen.”


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