OGA says first Wells Strategy a 'game changer'

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has today published its first ever strategy outlining how the industry must work together to improve the performance of wells.

The regulator said the strategy represented a “step change” in the way the well cycle will be managed.

The OGA’s first Wells Insights Report, published in November 2018, clearly identified the need for increased activity and improved well management.

The new Wells Strategy sets out three key areas of focus covering business processes to increase well activity, well performance and regulatory compliance and provides an outline of how these objectives will be delivered.

Gunther Newcombe, Operations Director at the OGA said: “It is clear from the data the OGA has published that there is a requirement for a step change in increasing new well activity and performance and a requirement to improve management of existing well-stock.

“The wells strategy coupled with a new stewardship expectation, which was published early this month, will provide industry with both a strategic and stewardship framework.”

Steve Phimister, MD Shell UK and champion of the Competitive Well Delivery Task Force added: “OGUK’s Competitive Well Delivery initiative is driving improvements in operational performance and increasing wells activity to unlock more barrels from the UKCS.

Drawing on industry measured performance data, collective effort is now focused on refreshing the programme of work to drive further industry progress.”

Katy Heidenreich, Operations Optimisation Manager at Oil and Gas UK said: “We’re seeing great uptake of wells initiatives from companies across the basin.

These include tackling the causes of NPT and applying ‘right scoping’ guidelines from exploration through to well decommissioning.

Now’s the time to join us in making the most of the significant resources the UKCS still has to offer.”

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