North Sea rota changes ‘top of the list’ for Chrysaor

Changes to offshore rotas are “top of the list” for new workers coming into the business from ConocoPhillips, according to Chrysaor’s chief executive.

The private equity-backed firm yesterday celebrated completing its purchase of ConocoPhillips’ UK North Sea assets.

With that comes around 600 core workers and around 400 contractors from various service firms.

CEO Phil Kirk said one of the first things on the agenda will be moving workers from their normal rota of two weeks on, two weeks off (2:2) – and other variations – to Chrysaor’s 2:2, 2:4 pattern.

Consultations are underway with workers, with the aim of introducing the changes in the New Year, first for the core employees with discussions to follow for contractors.

Mr Kirk said: “Top of the list is changing rotas offshore. We’d like people to move to a Chrysaor contract and many have signed up to do so which changes their terms and conditions for the better.

“We’re consulting on changing the rotas for the staff offshore which we’re hoping to do in the New Year once we have been through the safety case process.

“At our Armada, Everest and Lomond we have put a lot of effort getting everybody in the same rotas. Everybody put in the same direction so there are no second class citizens.”

The ConocoPhillips deal included a host of assets, with some highlights including operatorship of the Greater Britannia Area and J-Area in the Central North Sea and a 7.5% stake in the BP-operated Clair field, West of Shetland.

It is unclear how many people will stay on with the firm amid the integration process.

Efforts going forward will be focussed on bringing the two businesses together and understanding how the two can “best fit”.

Mr Kirk said the firm does not yet have any headcount targets but said there is “some duplication”.

He added: “We have no headcount targets as of yet. We need to fully understand how it can best fit with us and that’s going to take some time.”

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