North-east MP accuses Lib Dem MP of 'putting North Sea jobs at risk'

Colin Clark MP
Colin Clark MP

A push towards divesting MP pension pots away from oil and gas has been strongly criticiced by a north-east MP.

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Ed Davey intends to call on all MPs to consider the “the financial and ethical risks” of investing in big North Sea firms at Westminster today.

But Colin Clark, Conservative MP for Gordon, last night accused the Liberal Democrats of “putting North Sea jobs at risk” by speaking out against hydrocarbons amid the ongoing debate around climate change.

Mr Clark also described the move suggested by Mr Davey as “backing away from support for the oil and gas industry”.

He said: “This change in narrative and demonising of fossil fuels is putting North Sea jobs at risk.

“The UK oil and gas sector supports 280,000 jobs, and it will still provide two thirds of our total primary energy supply by 2035.

“The future, however, lies in new clean technologies such as hydrogen – with natural gas as the raw material for decades to come.”

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