NKT Adds Cable Laying Monitoring System to Its Vessel

NKT has enhanced NKT Victoria’s capabilities to safely install power cables with the new custom-made cable laying monitoring system.

The new system provides real-time monitoring and data collection during cable lay ensuring optimal layback tension, departure angle and touchdown position without any physical contact with the cable.

“We are always aiming to offer the most reliable and efficient power cable installation to our customers. With the new system we are setting new industry standards in terms of minimizing the risk of over bending or stretching of the cable during installation. The system increases the level of digitalization and integration of the survey system improving the cable laying performance and reliability,” said Claes Westerlind, executive vice president and head of HV Solutions Karlskrona.

The cable laying monitoring system has been specially designed by NKT in close collaboration with the software company 4D Nav and is integrated into the hull of the NKT Victoria.

With the hardware hull integration and software integration into the vessels standard survey system the cable touch down monitoring is not sensitive to high currents like traditional monitoring based on Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) positioning.

“We have put the new system to the test during the cable laying between the Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey in October. These waters are known to pose a rather challenging environment with strong currents, bad visibility and large tidal differences. The monitoring system proved an excellent performance supporting NKT Victoria and the team to install the cable successfully within the planned schedule and with no unforeseen events,” added Claes.

NKT Victoria is one of the world’s most advanced cable-laying vessels and its design is based on extensive experience with offshore installations.

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