New Fishing Vessel Design Contract for Marin Teknikk

Marin Teknikk has signed an agreement with Østerfjord, Torangsvaag in Austevoll and Tersan Shipyard in Turkey for delivery of design and engineering for an innovative fishing vessel.

The vessel will have a length of 67 meters and a width of 14,6 meters, which makes it to the worlds largest of its kind.

The fishing vessel will fish primarily with Longline and Danish Seine in Nordic waters for white fish. The design name will be MT1115.

The vessel will be built with a hybrid propulsion system with battery package.

It will provide interior for 23 people, be equipped with a large autoline system with a capacity of approx. 76 000 hooks, complete Danish seine arrangement and automatic fillet and HG processing factory plant.

Østerfjord AS has entered into a contract with Tersan Shipyard for the construction of the vessel, which is scheduled for delivery in the second quarter of 2021. This will be the sixth vessel of MT-design to be built at Tersan Shipyard.

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