New firm Petrodec carrying out UK decommissioning work for Perenco

A new decommissioning specialist has been set up which is carrying out work for North Sea operator Perenco in the UK.

Perenco has confirmed it is an investor in Netherlands-headquartered Petrodec, although the firm is not a dedicated subsidiary.

Petrodec, which was incorporated in the UK in July, lists two decommissioning projects in its experience on its website – the Pickerill field in the Southern North Sea and conversion of the Endeavour platform, both owned by Perenco.

Stephane Barc, who has spent the last nine years with Perenco, latterly focussed on decommissioning, is general manager of the company.

Petrodec describes itself as a “perfect mix between oil and gas operator and offshore contractor background”, with ambition to “become a leader in offshore and decommissioning support”.

The scope of work it is carrying out on Pickerill and the Endeavour is not clear.

Perenco submitted a partial decommissioning programme for the normally unmanned Pickerill A and B platforms earlier this year, which includes plugging and abandonment of the subsea wells.

Petrodec states it is working to make Pickerill “hydrocarbon-free” between 2019 and 2020.

The Oil and Gas Authority website states the hydrocarbon-free phase of Pickerill B was completed in the second quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Perenco bought the 36-year-old Energy Endeavour jack-up rig in January last year from Northern Offshore.

Perenco is an investor in the new private company.

Petrodec said it has been working on a 12-month project to reactivate and convert the rig into a “powerful and versatile multi-purpose decommissioning unit”.

A spokesman for Perenco said: “Petrodec is an independent decommissioning specialist, headquartered in the Netherlands, using technology and innovation in support of decommissioning projects for the oil & gas industry.”

Mr Barc of Petrodec did not reply to a request for comment.

Petrodec’s website states it is “gearing up” with one unit operating and plans for further ones, although it is unclear how many people are working within the company.

At Offshore Europe earlier this month, Martha Vasquez, associate director for upstream oil and gas at Boston Consulting Group, was discussing the rise of new decommissioning specialists like Petrodec, as well as Fairfield Energy and Well-Safe Solutions.

She said: “I learned just recently that Petrodec is now official. Petrodec, for those who don’t know in the room, they are the decom specialist for Perenco and they are going to decommission their portfolio.

“So I think every year we will see one new specialist company.”

Perenco confirmed Petrodec is decommissioning some of its portfolio of assets.

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