New Brand Identity for Cathie

Cathie Associates, the global offshore geoscience and geotechnical engineering consultancy, has launched its new corporate brand identity, and it will now be known as Cathie.

The valuable brand equity built under the previous identity has been retained but significantly evolved to reflect the organisation’s now broader, integrated range of geoscience and geotechnical solutions and growing global footprint, the company explained.

Cathie’s emphasis on the delivery of innovative and integrated geological, geospatial, geophysical and geotechnical engineering solutions for offshore and near-shore projects throughout the project lifecycle is reflected in the company’ new tagline, “Expertise, Seabed and Below”.

Robin Comrie, co-managing director of Cathie said, “We are delighted at the launch of our evolved brand and identity as part of our effort to modernize but retain the strong engineering brand that is Cathie. We wanted to incorporate the integrated seabed element in our visual identity to distinctly bring the focus of our services and stand out in an increasingly competitive and complex industry. We feel it is the right time to invest further into creating a stronger presence both online and offline.”

François Renardy, co-managing director of Cathie said, “Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked with the world’s largest energy developers, Tier-1 contractors and consultancies on some of the most technically challenging offshore projects across geographies. It is important that we remain true to our values while developing the new and modern identity. This exercise ensures that we get the right message out to our clients and the wider industry. “

Gareth Ellery, business development director added, “As a global organisation, this is an exciting change for us and comes at an ideal time to mark a step-change in growth and ambition. The brand refresh positions us as an organization that is reinventing itself yet remains committed to our core identity and to solving technical challenges for our clients. The new brand builds upon our history of innovation while opening doors to the future.”

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