Neodrill Rolls Out New Subsea Template Tech

Neodrill, the innovator in pre-rig well construction technology through its CAN technology, has announced new solutions for subsea templates. 

This technology is now available to subsea equipment suppliers for worldwide use through licences from Neodrill.

The patent-protected solutions include a BOP/X-mas tree soft landing and load support system, wellhead support frame and cementing system to control the flow of cement. This enables a potential rig time saving of 3-4 days per well, resulting in estimated savings in the range of 80-100million NOK ($9-11 million or £7-9 million) per 4 slot template, the company explains.

The soft landing and BOP/X-mas tree support transfers the load away from the wellhead. The improved fatigue control achieved through this enhances the well life. The wellhead support frame transfers the well loads to the template structure itself, and facilitates the use of a short conductor. The cementing system guarantees full control of the cement level thanks to its fit-for-purpose design.

Neodrill’s full suite of technology has been licenced to Equinor, including the solutions for subsea templates. The technology is estimated to deliver a significant reduction in costs.

​Similar to Neodrill’s conventional CAN technology, the conductor can be installed in a workshop. This guarantees full integration control and allows more operations to be carried out prior to rig arrival. A number of health, safety and environmental (HSE) advantages also result. The shorter conductor will reduce the well’s environmental footprint and eliminate concerns associated with logistics, handling and installation of the heavy, conventional conductor by the rig. Neodrill’s subsea template solutions can be used on all well types.

Neodrill’s CEO, Jostein Aleksandersen, said: “Neodrill was born out of a determination to enable better pre-rig well construction. Since the success of our industry-leading CAN technology, we have never stopped innovating. That is why I am so pleased to be launching the first licences on our technology for subsea templates. Our technology will deliver better well fatigue life while also cutting costs. This is a major win for any project and we look forward to working with clients and partners to deliver these results for them.

The launch of the new technology licence opportunities comes as Neodrilll announced its busiest start to the year ever, including projects with Repsol, Total and DEA Group. The solutions announced today are said to be the first in a series of new offerings by the Norwegian company.

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