Murdered oil workers ex-girlfriend to appeal against conviction

The former girlfriend of murdered Arbroath man Steven Donaldson plans to appeal against her conviction for culpable homicide.

Tasmin Glass was sentenced to 10 years in prison last month for her part in the killing of the 27-year-old oil worker.

A spokeswoman for the High Court in Edinburgh said the paperwork confirming “a notice of intention to appeal against conviction and sentence” had been lodged.

Legal papers setting out the same for murderers Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson were lodged on June 10.

Lawyers sent those papers exactly a year after the discovery of Mr Donaldson’s body beside his burnt out car at the Loch of Kinnordy Nature Reserve near Kirriemuir.

The minimum amount of time the men must spend in jail before they are eligible for parole was set at 23 years for Dickie and 24 for Davidson.

The trio were found guilty following a five-week trial.

The men assaulted Mr Donaldson at Kirriemuir’s Peter Pan playpark before driving him to the nature reserve and killing him with a bladed weapon.

Glass was convicted of instigating and planning the attack.

Glass said in court she had given birth to Mr Donaldson’s baby earlier this year.

Two of Mr Donaldson’s closest friends – Martin Johnstone and Bruce Birnie, both from Arbroath – have previously criticised Glass’s sentence, arguing 10 years is “not enough.”

“She should have been up at the top end of the scale with the rest of them,” Mr Johnstone said.

In passing sentence, trial judge Lord Pentland said of Glass: “You knew that Dickie and Davidson had obtained weapons in the course of the evening; you drove them to an area near to the play park where you had arranged to meet Mr Donaldson.

“You had led Mr Donaldson to believe that you were meeting him to discuss the future of the relationship, but in truth your plan was for your two co-accused to set upon him so that you could get him out of your life.

“You must have anticipated that the weapons would be used against Mr Donaldson. Through your duplicity Dickie and Davidson were able to take Mr Donaldson by surprise.

“With chilling coolness, you then drove home and carried on as normal in front of your parents. In the ensuing days you maintained that front.

“I conclude that without your influence the fatal attack on Mr Donaldson would not have occurred. You have demonstrated that you are manipulative and devious when it comes to advancing your own interests.”

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