More than 100 oil spills detected off Brazilian coast this month

Brazil’s main environmental agency said it has detected 105 crude oil spills from an undetermined source polluting the waters of the country’s north east coast this month.

State oil company Petrobras has analysed the spills spread across eight states and determined they come from a single source, the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources said.

But it said the oil found in the spills is not produced in the South American nation.

It did not describe the size of the spills, which affected 46 cities, including several tourist destinations.

The environmental body said it has acted to investigate “the causes and responsibilities for the spills” with the aid of Petrobras and the fire department of the capital, Brasilia.

“So far there is no evidence of contamination of fish and crustaceans,” the institute said, though it said the spills had killed seven sea turtles.

It urged beachgoers and fishermen to avoid the material.

About 100 Petrobras workers were expected to join the clean-up efforts.

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