Mitcham Industries Completes MA-X Sonar Initial Deliveries

Mitcham Industries’ Klein Marine Systems unit has completed initial deliveries of new products based on its MA-X “gap filler” sonar technology.

Introduced earlier this year, MA-X technology is a cost-effective solution to filling the nadir gap that is characteristic of traditional side scan sonar.

By seamlessly covering the nadir region, MA-X based products eliminate the need for overlapping survey lines, resulting in an estimated 40% increase in efficiency, the company explained.

Guy Malden, Co-CEO of Mitcham, said, “The reaction by the industry to MA-X we believe has been nothing short of incredible. Both commercial and military customers have indicated their enthusiasm for this new technology as we have conducted a number of successful field demonstrations. We expect to deliver further orders in the coming weeks. MA-X technology can be embodied in several products, including towed-bodies for both manned and unmanned vessels, and autonomous underwater vehicle configurations. We expect the deployment of this technology to continue to gain momentum.”

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