Kraken SeaVision Sensors for GEOMAR

Kraken Robotics’ German subsidiary, Kraken Robotik, has been awarded a contract to deliver 3,000 meter rated SeaVision laser scanning sensors to the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany. 

The contract value is approximately $0.5 million with delivery expected during Q1, 2020.

Under this contract, Kraken will deliver a twin pod SeaVision 3D laser scanner as well as three SeaVision profilers (each consisting of a Kraken SmartCam and separate laser).

The sensor suite will be flexibly deployed on a variety of GEOMAR infrastructure to enable quantitative seafloor surveys.

Karl Kenny, Kraken’s president & CEO, said, “Kraken continues to gain market traction with its new SeaVision 3D laser scanner. We look forward to providing this 3,000 meter rated solution to GEOMAR, building off of recent success in trials with NOAA and a contract award with Husky Energy. SeaVision will also be a key technology component in our OceanVision project under the Ocean Supercluster. As an asset inspection tool, it offers significant potential to reduce overall operational risk and costs to a variety of industry stakeholders, including oil and gas, offshore wind, ocean exploration, or the military.”

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