Kraken Delivers Its ThunderFish AUV to DRDC

Kraken Robotics has delivered its ThunderFish 300 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to its test partner, Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Final sea acceptance testing was completed on August 8. The delivery to DRDC was facilitated by a $1 million contract award under the Canadian government’s Build in Canada Innovation Program.

Kraken CEO Comments

Karl Kenny, Kraken’s president & CEO said, “We are continuing development of the ThunderFish platform to bring significant new features to the vehicle including increased size, endurance and payload capacity including the integration of our AquaPix Multi-Spectral Synthetic Aperture Sonar and SeaVision 3D laser scanner sensors.

“Our next generation ThunderFish will meet the increasing demands for mapping, imaging, underwater operational awareness and payload delivery for a variety of commercial and military missions.

“The ThunderFish will also be a key technology component in our OceanVision project under Canada’s Ocean Supercluster initiative.”

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