Knud E. Hansen Delivers Design Study for DTU Aqua New Vessel

Knud E. Hansen has completed design study for DTU Aqua’s (Technical University of Denmark) new 65‐meter multidisciplinary marine research vessel.

DTU Aqua needs to replace the aging R/V DANA IV as it is facing a 40‐year class survey in ultimo 2022.

The purpose of the project has been to develop a concept design and budgetary cost estimate for the replacement of the R/V DANA with scientific capacity and equipment for a highly advanced multidisciplinary research vessel that will place DTU Aqua in position being an attractive partner for international scientific projects.

The vessel is designed and optimized for fish stock assessment, hydro‐acoustic studies and biological, chemical and physical oceanography based on DTU Aqua’s expected service profile in 2023.

The DTU Aqua operating area will primarily be the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Kattegat, the Skagerrak, the North Sea, the North Atlantic and Greenlandic waters in summer and autumn.

The capacity of the vessel includes single and double cabins for 34 crew and personnel.

The vessel is arranged with a full suite of hydro‐acoustic transducers, multiple laboratories trawl gear, cranes, CTD and deck equipment to support multi‐disciplinary research operations.

The building cost of the vessel have been estimated in consultation with several shipyards within continental Europe. According to Knud E. Hansen, the design study concludes that it is possible for DTU Aqua within a total budget of DKK 340 million (approximately $51.6 million) to have the 65‐m ice classed multidisciplinary marine research vessel designed, built and commissioned.

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