Islamic groups 'call upon all Muslims' to divest from oil and gas

A number of high-profile Islamic groups have called “upon all Muslim individuals” to pull investment from the oil and gas sector.

The Islamic Foundation for Environmental and Ecological Sciences, the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board and the Bahu Trust released a statement calling on Muslims to “evaluate” their savings.

They added that it is time “communities look to moving towards climate friendly investments”.

The three organisations also said it was time the Muslim community stood “firmly” with those committed to action on climate change.

The letter also called on governments and politicians to “tackle habits” and change “mindsets related to the root causes” of climate change.

It suggested that investment funds be shifted to renewable energy solutions, low-carbon transport and sustainable food sources.

The leaders of the three Islamic groups added that the investment in cleaner energy was “vital” for a sustainable future.

They said the “need to realign” oil and gas finances was in keeping with Islam’s ethical values.

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