How safe is your asset?

In response to a lower oil price environment, the industry has collectively turned to digitisation to operate more efficiently. The data which already exists, together with new information continually being collected is a gold mine for unlocking further efficiencies.

But with more data comes more responsibility to address cyber security issues and protecting your digital infrastructure has never been more important. The financial and operational repercussions of an attack on your data can be staggering.

SPE Aberdeen and the Institute of Measurement Control (InstMC) have organised a joint one-day conference next month, 30th October, to encourage those working in the energy sector to ask themselves – how secure is your asset?

The event will open with David Rockland discussing CNOOC’s cyber journey and how the operator keeps systems secure, and close with a presentation from the government’s National Cyber Security Centre, which will be updating the audience on the latest opportunities and threats in the cyber security domain. In between, you’ll hear presentations from those working closely on data security in oil and gas, including DNV, Emerson, ABB and Repsol Sinopec.

If your role involves using data (and if it doesn’t yet, it will!) this conference is not to be missed.

Ahead of the event, Megan Hine, conference chair commented: “Functional safety and cyber security are the two biggest topics for the instrument and control community right now. The InstMC are delighted to have partnered with SPE Aberdeen to bring an in depth look at these two topics in an event which is set to change the future landscape for both functional safety and cyber security in the oil and gas industry.”

On the 2nd October SPE Aberdeen will be shining the spotlight on the challenges and benefits of gathering data from the wellbore to improve well performance and operating efficiencies; Inwell Monitoring & Surveillance Seminar.

There is a strong focus in the North Sea on Maximising Economic Recovery (MER UK) and asset stewardship is a key part of that, yet at the coal-face there is often frustration when it is felt that opportunities to improve performance are being missed due to the absence of critical data.

This issue will be explored by the two keynote speakers. Glenn Brown, OGA, will open the session with insight on current status and value potential in the well stock, and will be followed by Simon Stromberg, Enquest, discussing the ‘brutal truth’ for MER and surveillance from an operator perspective.

Thereafter the seminar will focus on surveillance for two specific field developments, the brownfield Galapagos field (formerly North West Hutton), and the greenfield Cambo development, West of Shetland.  Jeb Tyrie of Bridge Petroleum and  Jon Ashdown of Siccar Point Energy will be outlining their challenges and throughout the day, delegates will be invited to contribute with suggestions, solutions and their own challenges.

Committee chair Annabel Green explained: “This event has evolved over the years to align with changes seen in the North Sea through these turbulent times. What has emerged is a focus on value over technology, and data use over data acquisition.

“The program we have put together is highly relevant to operator challenges today and will provide service companies with the insight needed to help them meet these challenges.”

Details on both events are available at www.spe-aberdeen.org

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