HMN 200G Unrepeatered Transmission Trial Sets New Length Record

Huawei Marine Networks (HMN) said it has achieved the longest ever 200G unrepeatered transmission trial over distance of 620.9km.

This achievement replicates HMN’s previous success in 100G unrepeatered transmission which saw in excess of 640km reached.

The new record was set in trials at HMN’s Beijing research center with the participation of China Telecommunication Technology Labs (CTTL) who witnessed the trials.

By using quality optical transponder unit (OTU) and innovation optical design, the system greatly enhances the Optical Signal Noise Ratio (OSNR), improving its transmission capacity. In parallel, further 100G tests again broke records achieved in 2016 with a new transmission reach 671.4 km – the longest length established to date.

We were pleased to attend the 200G ultra-long-haul unrepeatered trial, which show cased HMN`s industry-leading proficiency in ultra-long-haul transmission,” said Chang Weiguo, director of Network Planning and Product Development Department, at China Telecom Global. “This technology will benefit many clients who face difficulties in certain conditions. I believe that Huawei Marine will continue to advance technology and introduce leading products for their customers.”

HMN has a solid history and focus on innovation to drive technology developments. In the repeaterless submarine networks sector, the company continues to lengthen its transmission reach in addition to broadening wave band. Recently, HMN’s Super C technology, which is already in commercial use, evidenced a gain of 50 percent more wave band compared to C-band.

Technology innovation and improving quality are always the focus for HMN,” said Zhang Shigui, vice president of Technology, Huawei Marine. “Our customers will soon have greater, more advanced alternative solutions for commercial application when applying the 200G ultra-long-haul unrepeatered solutions.”

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