Global Marine Group Shows Off Its New Subsea Plough

Global Marine Group (GMG), has officially launched its new pre-lay plough, known as the PLP240.

Osbit recently delivered the subsea plough to GMG, following contract award in January.

The offshore technology company designed and built the plough and has worked in collaboration with Global Marine Group and its first client for the new plough, Vattenfall, to deliver a burial asset which should help reduce the cost of offshore wind installation.

Final assembly and sign-off was completed at Osbit’s Port of Blyth facility, on time at the end of May.

According to the company, the plough offers unrivalled single pass capability, which enables boulder clearance and pre-trenching up to 1.7m in a single run, leaving a boulder cleared swathe and a ‘backfill-ready’ open trench with segregated spoil. The plough is also fully subsea adjustable and features an extensive surveillance suite for accurate and effective trenching, Osbit added.

The PLP240 will undergo wet testing before starting work on Vattenfall’s Danish Kriegers Flak project in 2020.

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