GCE Partners with German Subsea Monitoring Network

GCE Ocean Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Subsea Monitoring Network that allows for the development of new ocean technologies and ensuring sustainable use of ocean resources.

The Subsea Monitoring Network is a corporate network for innovation in underwater technologies in Germany. The association sees itself as a platform for the entire value chain of the industry and campaigns for their strengthening through active lobbying, networking, bundling of information and know-how.

Relevant application areas include: Offshore wind installation and maintenance; Unexploded ordnance detection and clearance; Marine research; Deep sea mining.

As a network for underwater technologies, SMN are especially available for technical development and technology testing issues, and provide contact to industry companies, universities, research institutes, testing facilities or test fields and politics. SMN is the core organisation for initiating the Ocean Technology Campus in Rostock and Fraunhofer’s Digital Ocean Lab.

There lies a mutual benefit for GCE Ocean Technology and SMN to collaborate both on an organizational level as well as on a member-to-member level. This to create linkages to new markets as well as to lay the foundations for mutual RDI projects and sharing of joint test infrastructure also involving the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre.

The following areas of collaboration have been identified:

  • Exchange of competence and experience within cluster operation, development and governance;
  • Dissemination of results;
  • Cross internships;
  • Joint pre-competitive research, development and innovation (“RDI”) projects;
  • Sharing of test infrastructure and competence, including the Ocean Innovation Norwegian Catapult Centre and the Digital Ocean Lab in Rostock;
  • Hosting joint meetings and events.

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