Fibron Introduces New Brand Identity

Fibron, the UK based subsea services provider, has launched the new company brand, following the company change of ownership that took place in December.

Bruno Cianfini, managing director, said: “We and our new owners, Rubicon Partners, welcome this refreshing new start to the business, remain committed to continuing to serve our client base and see positive improvements all around on the horizon. It’s all very exciting.”

Sales director, Dale Hislop, added: “Leveraging our 32 plus years of experience and successful dedication to the subsea market, our market share in the oil and ROV, seismic and diving markets not only continues to grow but is highly recognized. Our name and reputation are synonymous with success in service and quality.”

Marco A. Cano, sales manager for the Americas, concluded: “Formerly part of Cortland (Actuant), Fibron had for the last 11 years adopted the parent company brand but never forgot its Fibron BX roots which began in 1986. In this sense, what’s old is new again, but we’re now taking what we’ve done collectively for some time, building on our success by listening and serving our clients, helping them through the good times and bad, growing our business offerings and being rewarded for our efforts. It’s a refreshed new start.”

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