Equinor pledges to clear up Bahamas oil spill

Equinor has pledged to clear up an oil spill in the Bahamas left in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

The Norwegian energy firm said the size of the leak from the South Riding Point terminal is unclear, although satellite images show the onshore plume area being nearly a mile long.

Equinor said there are no indications of continued leaks from the tanks or of spills from the terminal to the sea or beaches, while further examination is underway.

The company first issued a statement on Thursday saying it had discovered the spill.

The terminal has a storage capacity of 6.75 million barrels of crude and condensate. At the time the hurricane hit 1.8 million barrels were stored in three tanks.

Resources are being mobilised as quickly as possible to safeguard people, the environment and the facility, the company said.

Equinor has security services on site to identify potential hazards while oil spill response vessels have been procured from Florida and Louisiana.

Some are on their way while others are going through customs. Equinor said clean up and remediation will start “immediately”, working in coordination with incident management teams in the US and Norway.

However Equinor said the situation is “complex and challenging, with damage to infrastructure hampering progress in relief and response efforts”.

The firm said it had 54 workers on Grand Bahama Island at South Riding Point when the tropical cyclone hit, who are all safe and accounted for.

All employees are being given relief, including food and water.

Hurricane Dorian tore through the Caribbean earlier this week leaving tens of thousands of people homeless and causing billions of dollars of damage to property.

The official death toll is 43 however it is expected to rise further.

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