Energy Voice | Survivex gets biggest intake since before crash

Survivex is reporting the highest numbers of people through its doors since before the 2014 oil price crash.

The training provider, which employs 72 staff in Aberdeen, was acquired by 3T Energy Group in November who said growth is on the cards.

3T Energy was launched last year, combining AIS Training and simulator developer Drilling Systems, with investment coming from Blue Water Energy.

Paul Knowles, vice-president for training for the UK and Europe, takes care of Survivex and AIS’s existing facilities around the UK.

He said: “The numbers have never got back to where they were, but we had our highest delegate numbers through the doors three weeks ago post-crash.

“How we measure it depends on how many people we’re going to have to look after in the canteen. I look at the canteen numbers on a day-to-day basis which tells us how many delegates are coming through, which is the highest post-crash.”

Having come through the first few months of 2019, Mr Knowles said the acquisition has been “refreshing”.

He added that there has been an uptick of business-to-business growth and self-funded customers.

“We’re within our budgeted figures which is always good for your first quarter.

“It’s been refreshing for the integration between AIS and Survivex”, he said.

“It was almost one of those acquisitions that had to happen because of the amount of spending we have in this area.

“The best thing is it hasn’t been an aggressive takeover in any way.

“Often when you have two businesses coming together it is all about, ‘OK where do you take the cost out?’ Administrative fees and so on.

“These are two very thriving businesses and if anything we’ve put more sales into Survivex than what we had prior to the acquisition and it has enabled us to grow.

“We’ve had to take on three or four more trainers based on the wider offering. And we’re also putting some more accreditations through this centre too.”

As far as growth plans, the firm has added new training courses to its main facility in Dyce since the takeover, and said it has “major investment” coming in to the facility.

Mr Knowles hopes the higher numbers through the door may reflect a better industry outlook.

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