EdgeTech Rolls Out Ropeless Fishing System

EdgeTech has introduced its new Ropeless Fishing System.

The EdgeTech Ropeless Fishing System with embedded acoustic release technology was developed to eliminate vertical lines connecting a surface buoy to bottom fishing gear.

The system was designed from the ground up with the input of fishers with the intent of alleviating possible whale entanglement and other negative effects of seafloor-to-surface fishing and trap lines.

The EdgeTech Ropeless Fishing System was designed for the rough and tumble handling of shallow water and small boat operations.

The unit can be deployed in water depths down to 500 meters and handle a load of 500 pounds while remaining underwater for up to one year (two years on lithium batteries).

The system, when communicating with a fishing-vessel-installed acoustic deck box, will provide shipboard operators information such as position, battery life and tilt status, release confirmation and temperature. The EdgeTech Trap Tracker application for Android and IOS platforms records all data, plots the trap and trawl locations on a marine chart and uploads the positions real time to a Cloud data base so that other fishers can see where trawls are located to avoid setting over another fishers trawls.

The system will tolerate harsh handling on the vessel and unfavourable conditions under the water. The acoustic coding structure allows for over 1 billion unique codes making it the most secure acoustic release ever produced,” the company said.

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