EC-OG Board Gets Two New Members

Aberdeen-based subsea energy storage and energy generation specialist East Coast Oil and Gas Engineering (EC-OG) has recently appointed two new directors.

Existing EC-OG employees Paul Slorach and Jonny Moroney have been promoted as business development director and projects director respectively.

EC-OG provide the Subsea Power Hub as a remedial power source for subsea control systems suffering from power supply failures. By installing an energy source near to the well site, the device can restore power to the control system while remedial works are undertaken or can be implemented as a long term replacement power supply.

The Subsea Power Hub can equally be used for new subsea developments. As the oil & gas industry adapts to the energy transition, alternative power sources and the benefits of subsea energy storage are becoming more high profile. EC-OG aims to leverage this to support ambitious plans for continued growth in the UK and expansion into new markets.

Richard Knox, managing director, said: “We recognise the value of the team we have built here at EC-OG and promoting Paul and Jonny onto the board ensures that we have direct access to our customer needs and project operations on the Board.

“Company culture is hugely important to EC-OG and maintaining employee continuity by appointing from within means we can drive the business forward with a leadership team that fully understands our business model, our products and our clients needs.

“We’re at a pivotal time in the company development and 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for EC-OG and for the industry.”

Slorach and Moroney join company co-founders Richard Knox and Robert Cowman on the EC-OG board.

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