Diamond Offshore Intros Real-Time BOP Health Monitoring

Diamond Offshore Drilling has launched the Stack-View service, said to be a first-of-its-kind solution that applies 24/7 real-time monitoring, data visualization, and advanced analytics to identify trends and detect anomalies in BOP performance across its rig fleet.

Indicators derived from the company’s Stack-View service enables predictive maintenance and subsea downtime prevention, increasing drilling productivity and lowering the total cost of the well, Diamond Offshore said.

The real-time data gathered and analyzed by the underlying technology in Stack-View is continuously overlaid or “stacked” with historical data, then data visualization, trending, and advanced analytics is applied to predict when BOP components will fail or when maintenance is required. This shift to predictive maintenance from time-based maintenance mitigates stack pulls and maintenance-induced issues, with the ability to reduce non-productive time by up to 50% depending on the water depth and well complexity, the company explains.

Subsea equipment repairs and maintenance continues to be a major contributor to a rig’s non-productive time, resulting in great expense to both drillers and operators,” said Marc Edwards, president and CEO of Diamond Offshore. “We continue to look for ways to improve operational efficiencies and reduce operators’ total cost of ownership to make the economics of offshore drilling more competitive. With our Stack-View service, we will be able to monitor and analyze the health of each BOP across our fleet in real-time to make more data-driven decisions that create further cost-savings and performance improvement.

Developed in partnership with Deepwater Subsea, the customized Stack-View platform and dashboards will be accessible from any mobile device or computer and any location by early 2020.

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