Data Repository deals with number of needs

The launch of the UK’s inaugural National Data Repository (NDR) for petroleum-related information saw the unveiling of a key piece of the UK’s digital infrastructure, complementing the existing National Geological Repository for core and samples.

The NDR addresses several needs, such as ensuring ongoing access to critical petroleum-related information and samples for
the nation.

It also supports industry’s reporting obligations, and provides a platform for effective collaboration.

Our aim is to encourage collaboration and data sharing between those with a direct
stake in the UK Continental Shelf, and the wider oil and
gas industry, academia, and others to promote economic activity.

By delivering widely-available and transparent access we want to ensure maximum value is derived from petroleum-related information.

Everyone is invited to register to use the NDR for no charge at ndr.ogauthority.co.uk
Registered users can search, view and download disclosed information free of charge – or they can order data for delivery on media, which is chargeable on a cost recovery basis.

The OGA has adopted a “data-centric” approach from the beginning.

Our continued approach will be to put data at the heart of decision making and ensure our approach makes optimal use of recent advances in technologies, and emerging approaches to data management and analysis.

We believe additional value can be created through advancements in cloud-based computing, the application of artificial intelligence and whatever the future holds for new technology.

Through the NDR, the OGA is looking to promote cultural change across the industry.

In this digital age, our workforces take access to data for granted, simply because we’ve grown up with it as part of our daily lives.

Simply making open access data available in itself isn’t enough, so we’re encouraging industry to break down silos and collaborate to maximise the value they get
from data.

The OGA is in listening mode. We’re asking the industry to tell us what other data they would like to see made available through the NDR, to streamline and harmonise their operations further.

The NDR is just the first step in the OGA’s – and the wider industry’s – digital transformation.

Our ongoing DigX programme involves upgrading and future-proofing our systems, so we have a technology platform that enables the regulatory regime, and that is truly ready to face the future.


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