CSV Southern Ocean Wins More Work Off India

The construction support vessel Southern Ocean, owned by a joint venture between Bourbon Offshore Norway and Oceanteam, has been awarded two charters on projects off the East Coast of India.

The scope is a partial continuation of the scope that was initiated previous year.

Works on the first short-term contract have started this month whereas the second, longer term contract is expected to start in December 2019 and works are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020 with optional extension to take the contract well into 2020.

Mathieu Feisthauer, fleet and chartering manager of Oceanteam, said: “Securing this new contract for the CSV Southern Ocean after successfully finalising last year’s project in Indian waters, shows that the market has faith in our assets and in us as an offshore service provider. This is now the second and third charter in this region. A region that is rapidly developing and will provide more opportunities in the future. We hope to remain a part of that.”

With the CSV Southern Ocean now under charter as well, the entire Oceanteam fleet is fully utilised with firm charters into the first quarter of 2020. Over 2019, the fleet utilisation is expected to exceed 85%.

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