CNRI fails to warn staff during emergency oil and gas leak from North Sea platform

Ninian Southern platform.
Ninian Southern platform.

Canadian Natural Resources International (CNRI) has been hit with a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) notice after failing to warn staff during an emergency oil and gas leak.

The incident happened on February 5th on the Ninian Southern platform when an uncontrolled release took place from an oil well.

HSE said CNRI’s measures to warn staff of the emergency were “ineffective” as no general platform alarm was activated and no address was made to workers.

CNRI said no one was hurt during the incident and that safety is a core value for the company.

The firm has been given until June 21 to make safety improvements to comply with the notice.

A spokeswoman for CNRI said: “CNR International (UK) Limited confirms that on 20th March 2019 an Improvement Notice was served by the Health and Safety Executive in relation to an incident during drilling activities onboard Ninian Southern, which resulted in no injuries to personnel.

“Safety is a core value to CNR International. The company will comply with the notice in the prescribed timeframe.”

The Ninian Southern is located 240miles from Aberdeen in the Northern North Sea.

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